My Background & Training

I completed my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Washington University in St. Louis (APA accredited, and also a member of the prestigious Academy of Psychological Clinical Science), my internship at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center (APA accredited), and a postdoctoral fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

I have spent my career engaging in a wide range of clinical, research, and educational activities, including supervising graduate students, medical students, and residents; teaching university courses in psychology; conducting research; and writing scientific papers. In addition to my clinical work, I serve as a writer, editor, and consultant for projects related to evidence-based treatment and research in psychology and medicine.

Kimberly Mercer, Ph.D.
Scientific & Medical Research, Consultation, Communication, and Clinical Practice
Phone: (720) 432-6414
I am based in North Carolina, and provide psychotherapy via a secure telehealth videoconferencing platform to patients who reside in PSYPACT states. I can accommodate patients across all US time zones.

Kimberly Mercer, Ph.D.